Washington State....first time here. (UPDATED - Pt. 2)

Wow, what a Friday.

I was supposed to fly out of NOLA at 7:35 Fri. morning, change planes in Salt Lake City, and get into Seattle at 12:23 PST yesterday.  That didn't happen.  First, the airline (which will remain anonymous for the rest of this post) said I arrived too late and would not let me check my luggage.  I had to redirect through Cincinnati and did not leave until 11:05.  After chilling at Gate D6 for 3 hours, that flight was delayed.  When I got to Cincinnati, I found out my next flight was delayed too!!!  Wow.  Then, when other passengers and I were headed to the B terminal, the security gate came down, an alarm sound, and no one could come in or out of this area in the airport!!!  After about 10-15 minutes, the gate came up, and I was able to get to my gate.  The delays were good though; I had some conversations with people I met on flights and during the delays.

I rented a Jeep Patriot in Seattle and drove southeast about 2 hours to the community of Granger.  I missed the sights of the Cascades because of the dark but hope to take in some sightseeing on the way back.  I woke up this morning with a panoramic view of the countryside, with Mt. Adams and Mt. Rainier in the distance, both of which are snow-capped.  Too much to take in for a country boy...ha ha.

Well, why am I here?  I was invited in mid-October by Al Whittinghill to attend some weekend meetings here.  Al ministers through Ambassadors for Christ International, an organization that works toward seeing revival in the church and evangelism to the ends of the earth.  He knew studs of the past, such as Leonard Ravenhill, Vance Havner, and Stephen Olford.

The community here is longing for God to do a work among them.  The weekend's emphasis is that the Lord would break the hearts of His children over their own sin, bringing them to repentance, so they can reach the community around them.  We would appreciate some artillery.  With all that went down yesterday, I am looking for the Lord to do great things this weekend and in the days ahead.  I will be updating through Monday.  Later!

It's Sat. night around 11:30 PST.  Good day today...spent time this afternoon praying with Pastor Greg and Al for the service tonight.  The service was held at the Hispanic Church...good bilingual service experience.  Al preached from Eph. 5:18 on being filled with the Spirit...challenging word.  He gave an opportunity at the end for people to come and seek the Lord.  There was a good number that came forward to talk to God, not to be counseled by men.  After the service was dismissed, we hung around praying for some people.  Then we were royally hooked up with a tremendous meal the ladies of the church provided for everyone.  They had prepared for us homemade chicken tamales...out of this world good (To borrow one from the Colonel, "Finger-lickin' good").  I had 4 too many...ha ha.  I also had a good time meeting two local Hispanic pastors, both of whom have been in the area for 7 years.  It was a good night...if these people continue to seek God, repent, and pray, they will be on the road to revival.  The key is to answer the prayer request of Jesus in Jn. 17:20-23 for future believers to be one.  It is high time for all of us to forsake building our petty kingdoms and empires and instead, labor for that kingdom which never will perish.

Lord, flatten our prideful, petty plans.  Cause us to step back and see the ginormity of Your vision for the world.  Cause us to give up our small, personal dreams and instead pursue to build Your kingdom, no matter on what side of the globe we live.  As Ravenhill prayed, "Let the things of earth grow strangely dim.  They look strangely grim when we get into eternity."  God, cause Your face to shine in our midst that we see everything through Your eyes:  our lives, our time, our culture, and the souls of people.  Do this for Your own glory.  In Jesus' Name and for His sake, Amen.

I'm really glad I came...last service tomorrow at 2...send some artillery our way please.  Much thanks to those who have already sent some.  To God be the glory, great things He has done, is doing, and will do...praise His Name.

*UPDATE* 11-16
Sunday...just got in from the afternoon service...with Al at the Jochen's house.  The dad Greg is a local pastor here - I have been staying here for the past few days.  This afternoon, Al preached on the wrath and mercy of God in Jesus Christ...thank You very much Lord.

The weekend has been productive.  It was refreshing to see people from different races and cultures come together and worship the Lord; this unity must take place in order to reach their town.  I think they began to realize that such unity is a necessity; I hope they continue on this path and hope for revival to come.

I leave here in the morning...flying out of Seattle at 1.  I hope to leave early enough to take some pics of the countryside as I travel back through the Cascades.  Hope also to swing by Mars Hill and get some pics.  I'll close with these verses from Paul in Ephesians 3:20-21:  "Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen."

Oh yeah, I hope the airline will check my bag tomorrow...haha...ready to see Lauren.