Gustav (UPDATED!)

Lauren and I left NOLA on Thursday the 28th to come back to Mississippi, as I was preaching a youth event from the 28th to the 31st.  This also coincided with the quickly approaching Gustav.  We packed up clothes and some important stuff and bid our house farewell.  We missed most of the heavy traffic which took place this weekend.

I am currently sitting on the coach at my parent's house with Brother the Wonderdog, watching the Weather Channel from time to time and checking satellite images and projected paths of Gustav.  Let's face it, I am nervous.  The pastor at the church I preached at today told me his own story of how he and his family lost everything in Hurricane Karina.  He said something very profound this morning:  "I lost everything, but I really didn't lose anything."  That brought a lot of comfort to this country boy.  As a Christian, my hope is not built on the shifting sands of possessions and stuff but on the rock of Jesus Christ, who is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  He is far larger than any storm to come my way.  He is my peace, my hope, and my comfort!

The Lord comforted me this morning though His Scripture, and my prayer for this time is that God will get glory.  I preached from Daniel 9 today how God sends these things to get our attention.  United States, WAKE UP!  God is gracing us with an alarm clock such as this.  How will we respond?

The current plan for Lauren and I is that she stay here until it is safe to return to the city.  I plan in the next 48 hrs. to gang up with my pastors Rob Wilton and Andrew Ogea and other dudes from our church to go back into the city for relief work.  Please pray for us.  To God be the glory!

*Scripture to read:*  Psalm. 83, Psalm. 90, Daniel 9.  Peace.

*UPDATE:*  I drove to Covington, LA, today (Sept. 2) to meet up with my buds from Vintage Church in NOLA.  We took the 26 mile causeway bridge (it rained haflway there - couldn't see nothing!).  We got to NOLA about 4 pm.  The city for the most part was spared, praise the Lord!  Our house is fine, minus limbs everywhere.  I'm staying with the guys tonight, as our house has no power.  Tomorrow we will be going throughout Uptown with supplies and helping people clean up.    Pray for the people in South LA and West LA, where the flooding and extensive damage is.  People should be showing back up here tomorrow and the following days.  It was pretty sweet today to see military hummers in my neigborhood!  That's it for now.  Peace!