"The world has yet to see what God can do for and with a man
providing he won't touch the glory."
- W.P. Nicholson


Luke preaches the entire Word of God with the excitement and vigor of a fresh college student, the love of a family pastor, the confidence of an veteran preacher who has dedicated a lifetime to the ministry, and most importantly, with the authority and anointing of the Holy Spirit.  His earnest desire is to go wherever the Lord leads and to preach whatever the Spirit reveals, whether or not he happens to be standing behind a pulpit.  Luke is a personal inspiration to me. 

Bruce Cullom
Minister of Students, Grace Baptist Church
Nashville, TN


After hearing Luke preach the Word of God with honesty, relevance, and unction, I knew this man was special.  Luke connects with students not just from the stage, but he loves to sit, talk, and answer difficult questions students have about theology, historical spiritual giants, and life.  I recommend him for any size group, anywhere, anytime.

James Roberts
Student Pastor, Bay Area First Baptist Church
League City, TX 


Luke is a man of God who knows, preaches, and lives the Word of God. He never fails to bring a straightforward, powerful message that will challenge the believer and draw the lost to repentance. I have hosted Luke a number of times, and he always has a fresh word. I would recommend him for any type of event for any age group.

James Blankenship
Elyon Outreach Ministries
Laurel, MS


In 21 years of ministry, I've met many young men who feel called into ministry but eventually choose another career path. But with Luke, there was always something different. I have known him since he was in junior high school, and I believe that God has anointed him to preach the Gospel. Luke has a passion for souls, the Word of God, and preaching. He is energetic, but he is also teachable. This is a rare quality among young ministers. I love Luke like a brother and believe that you would be blessed to have him serve you and your church.

Clayton King
Itinerant Evangelist/President, Crossroads Worldwide


Luke is a gifted communicator, and students absolutely love him! He has a way with communicating God's message in a way that is clear and to the point. He has made a lasting impact on our student ministry, and we look forward to him being with us again in the future. If you are looking for a speaker for your youth event or even a Sunday morning worship service, he is someone who will deliver God's word in a powerful and inspiring way.

Lloyd Blank
Youth Pastor, Ridgecrest Baptist Church
Dothan, AL


I first met Luke Johnson while I was a professor at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He was an outstanding student in Evangelism and Spiritual Formation. Luke shows a strong passion to reach the lost through his preaching and witnessing activities. His ministry displays a refreshing combination of the best in classic evangelism and the best in contemporary ways to connect with younger generations today. Luke has a heart for revival and spiritual awakenings and a personal desire to live a Godly life. He has made it his mission to study the great revival leaders of the past. He has been very effective in communicating the principles of the past to Christians today. Everywhere he goes, Luke emphasizes the power of prayer and the power of the Gospel to transform lives. I am convinced the Lord will continue to use Luke Johnson in mighty ways during these days when men like him are so desperately needed.

Dr. David Meacham
Senior Strategist, Associations (Retired)
North American Mission Board


God has gifted Luke Johnson with the ability to give a clear presentation of the Gospel. Over the past seven years, I have seen him preach with passion to see the lost saved. I know from experience that your church will be blessed to have him.

Dr. Ray Spence
Pastor, Antioch Baptist Church
Union, MS


During the summer of 2007, Luke Johnson was recommended to me by both of my youth pastors to serve as the camp pastor for X Camp, our middle school camp. They had met Luke at seminary and were impressed with his leveled headed approach to ministry and his insight into the Word. From the very first session at X Camp, I knew that Luke Johnson was a very special young man who was both gifted in teaching the Word and passionate about his relationship with Jesus Christ. He was used during that week to make an impact on all of us who were attending the camp, and not just the campers. Since then we have kept up from time to time, and I continue to be blessed by his pursuit of desiring to know God and to walk intimately with Him. Anyone who would have this anointed "young preacher" to speak either for a revival, retreat, or other event can be assured that the message will be rock solidly biblical, and the Gospel will be presented clearly.

Dr. Tommy Middleton
Director of Missions, BAGBR
Baton Rouge, LA


I had the opportunity to serve as the interim youth pastor of both Luke and his wife Lauren while they were in the student ministry at Highland Baptist Church. It has since been a privilege to work with Luke on various ministry projects. I have found that Luke is passionate, thorough, and honest. I have trusted Luke in leading my youth in God's Holy Word on many occasions and would consider each opportunity to have him do so in the future a blessing also. We all know it's not everyday you find someone you can totally trust with handling God's word.

Brandon Sorrell
Brookhaven, MS


Over my 20 years of ministry, I have met only a few men that I would consider truly called of God to preach His Word, and I believe Luke to be one of these men. Too often today, what is called a preacher shows no reflection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; the worldliness, and sadly often, the sin is shown more often than the sacrificial life of Christ. 

As a pastor, I have had the need to call upon Luke to fill in for me when I would have to be absent from the pulpit. Of course before I would allow this, I had to know who this young preacher was. In my first conversation with Luke, my intent to know of his worthiness to stand behind God's desk would be known by his prayers. After speaking with him, which was a great delight, we took the opportunity to pray together, and in that moment, I knew he was a man that could reach the heart of God. It has always been my belief that if a man couldn't pray he couldn't preach, but in Luke, I have found him most capable in both. On one occasion when I had asked my brother to fill in for me at one of the churches I was pastoring, I was able to hurry from one service and slip in the back door to hear the last few minutes of the word that God had given my young brother to share. In those few moments, I heard more of the Word of God than I have heard from a dozen pulpits on a dozen Sundays. For in the message Luke was sharing, I heard my Master's voice. Luke was preaching, as I believed he would, the Word of God.

I believe that Luke has come to understand, even in his younger years, what the true Treasure is, living for the only One that is worthy to be glorified, Jesus Christ. In closing, as a man of God, I recommend to you all, this man of God.

Philip Williams
Pastor, First Church of God
LaFayette, GA